Audio Review Exercise (Unit 1,2 dan 3)

Audio Review Exercise (Unit 1,2 dan 3)
Ø  PART A (1-5)
TOEFL Review Exercise skill one to seventeen
In this exercise listen carefully the short conversation and question in the recording and then choose the best answer to the question.
Number 1:
W:Could you put some more wood in the fire place??
M:I have to bring some in from outside.
What does the man imply?
Number 2:
M:Alice I tought you are working late tonight..
W:I wish suppose to but my conference was could off
What happen to alice?
Number 3:
W:Why you getting out the water?
M:The lifeguard motion that we should moving at direction
Where this conversation probably take place?
Number 4:
W:Did you enjoy the evening at the night club?
M:I wish there had been more little room on the dance floor..
What does the man mean?
Number 5:
M:I just sent of the letter that you wrote..
W:Then you did figure out how to use the fax machine
What had the woman assume about the man?
Number 6:
W:I guess that you would buy that new car?
M:And you hit the nail on the head!!
What does the man mean?
Number 7:
W:Is that you research paper for English __?
M:Yes its almost finished,do you think you got look over for me??
What does the man want?
Number 8:
M:is everyone been informed?
W:no one is unaware this situation..
What does the woman mean?
Number 9:
W:did you sleep well last night?
M:if the alarm were not so loud I would never awoken up..
What does the man mean?
Number 10:
W:I could not believe this story in the news about the problem with the airplane
M:Ya I’ll __ too,the pilot was to forced the land the plane in a field..
What does the man mean??

This is the end of listening part A

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